Magic Sound Fabric - Observer

Chosen for Top 20 Albums of 2009 on Musical Starstreams syndicated radio.

With "Observer", the latest release from Magic Sound Fabric, Cameron Limbrick takes a dive inside the subconscious mind.  His enlightening sojourn bridges electronic, dub, alternative and ambient music with a great deal of mysticism.  Limbrick uses tracks such as "Let it Go" and "The World is an Illusion" to capture the spirit of release from self-imposed boundaries.


Exploring the sounds of electronica in its purest, and perhaps most pristine form, Magic Sound Fabric masterfully serves up the chilly and evocative evidence of those explorations on Observer.

Proclaiming: "There's no reality in duality" on the album's opener, "The World is An Illusion" is a prelude of what is to come. Intimations of science-fiction and sumptuous synth-laden grooves nurture the perfect parallel between existentialist allusions and the obstinate beat-head. "Heaven's Coming Down" is eerily beautiful and brilliantly organic amidst the album's well-established digital disposition. Guitar-laced "Only Love is Real" coalesce with fragments of head-nodding dub, while "Majesty" and "Beautiful," Observer's instrumental tracks, hold their own - polished and glaringly dynamic.

Turning futurism into an aural odyssey, Magic Sound Fabric eludes the club-thumping culture of electronica, and brings intelligent life back to the stereo. - http://www.eclectriciti.com/