Mind Transport Tools - Fractal Labyrinth

Coming Soon! November 22 2016 

Mind Expansive Ambient Dub for Seekers

Rhythmic fractal pulsations shimmer upon your mind as the gentle chill of classic ambient grooves massage your neurons. Take a journey through the hidden recesses of the Fractal Labyrinth.

Fractal Labyrinth, the third Mind Transport Tools album, is set to release November 22nd, 2016 on Spiralight. Fractal Labyrinth is part of a growing musical chakra system in development by Cameron Limbrick, AKA Magic Sound Fabric/olulo. Mind Transport Tools focuses on the solar plexus chakra of the body, represented by the color yellow. The six additional chakras are demonstrated by Magic Sound Fabric (third eye chakra, indigo), olulo (sacral chakra, orange) and four additional representatives currently in production. The entire music collection is designed to facilitate consciousness expansion in spiritual seekers.

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