Richard Bone - The Reality Temples

The Reality Temples provides ample evidence that Richard Bone is continuing to evolve from earlier efforts, such as Coxa, Electropica, Ascensionism, and Disorient, allowing his music to migrate into previously unexplored territory. Still, he retains many of the elements that have engendered him to his loyal fans, notably his expert integration of electro-organic beats/rhythms with keyboards that combine jazz, funk, and (now, more prominent) world music textures with inventive production techniques and a sly wit. Obviously, the man is far from running out of fresh ideas and I can't see it happening any time in the future either. It goes without saying that Richard's latest gets a "highly recommended" from me. - Bill Binkelman

#5 position on the Backroads Music Best of 2004 chart in their Electronic/Contemporary Instrumental category.
#4 on the New Age Reporter Playlist Chart for August airplay, with track one - "Infinite Oz" - in the #1 song position

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